Friday, 16 November 2012

Cool runnings

This week I have been running, I've downloaded apps, made maps and plotted the paths and I've done pretty well. I can now breathe when I get home (whoop, go me!) so tonight i upped the difficulty scale...i added a puppy to the mix. I had no idea if this was a good idea but my idea paid off, Jarvis is awesome! Tonight we ran for 90 seconds and walked for 60 for 30 minutes and we did a good job of it... i had one of these clever contraptions and it worked really well and Jarv seemed to love it...

and even better than that...

little Jarvis is fast asleep (and snoring!)

Monday, 5 November 2012

Whiskey Girl

SO I've been unwell which is why I have been quiet this last week but the whole house is back on form and lergie free so I'll be posting regularly again about the puppy antics!

I got home today and made a pork roast, it took absolutely forever to cook because it was so well rolled and this gave me plenty of time to play with the doggies :) I put the music on and away I went dancing round the kitchen...Gracie was the first to join in, she has a naturally wiggly bottom and my movements were amping up the tail tempo, it wasn't quite Beyonce but it would do for the ginger queen of the house. Darcey was next to join in but she was less sure on her feet, trying to copy my wayward moves on the kitchen floor, Jarvis off to the side with Neil and Philip looking in at the mayhem, the boys knowing that the best place for them is away from the haphazard ladies of the house.

It was in this time that I realised that Darcey was getting super excited, Whiskey Girl, a favourite country song of mine had come on, I was singing along and as the only animal on the planet other than Phil that likes my singing I decided to scoop her up, we had a lovely dance until the timer went off. I think she might be a country girl at heart bless her!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Andrex puppies

We had a rather civilized lunch today, my grandparents came over and we had a lovely Sunday roast with rosemary and onion chicken, roasted potatoes, salted greens and Clarendon style carrots (basically glazed in orange juice, honey, rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper) followed by cheesecake for dessert. It was such a nice afternoon. Plus the puppies got to see their mummy and daddy and that certainly made them happy...

So very excited that when I went upstairs after my grandparents left, I had a scene similar to the below greet me. Now if you imagine Philip under the tissue then you have a pretty good idea of what the bathroom looked like, but I have a feeling it wasn't just the work of the cat as there were 2 babies wagging tails just outside the door, Philly was just silly enough to want the credit!

I really wish I hadn't had a load of washing and instead had either my camera or my phone in my hand to capture the scene but alas the above will have to do for today! 

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Downward Dog...

No more sitting on my backside, I need to get back in shape before Christmas! They say its contentedness that has caused the increased poundage to my hips but I know that its all those strawberry milkshakes!

The answer? P90x, my hidden gem that does exactly what it says on the tin, it gets you fit in 90 days and so I start...again. I have had success previously with this program so I know it works, and quickly! I started with my favourite program...Yoga X, I grab the yoga mat upstairs and get my DVD ready and I'm set to go. I press play but as I turn round I see the familiar flashes of ginger and black, the doggies want to join in...this should be interesting. We all clamber onto the mat while Tony Horton tells us to breath in...this is easy I can see they are thinking...downward facing problemo but then comes the Vinyasa's and interest begins to wane..

Gracie is the first to give up, she is 12 after all! Its too much of a strain for someone of her advanced years and so from the comfort of the couch she watches (I want to say that Princess Grace is again showing she really is the cleverest of us all!)

Darcey is next to give up, she wants to watch her name sake on strictly so she is next to clamber onto the couch. Jarvis however is keen to join in so I plank, give the sun its salutations and practice the downward dog around his reclining frame.

Friday, 19 October 2012


So today we tried walkies...

I was ambitious and decided that I would take all three dogs with me at once rather than leave them it was raining (as if you hadn't guessed!) so first steps is get the collars and leads on...sounds like a simple task but my last attempt with my aunt and uncle led to Darcey being up ended and having the handle round her neck!

Darcey was first, she rushed me so I had no choice but we had success, head in collar lead in mouth...she knows what she is doing and while she is yapping away I just know she is in her own doggy way saying can we get a move on, this ones a bit slow isn't she! Next is Gracie, an old pro, 12 years of experience, waiting patiently for the poor human while she figures out what she is doing. Jarv was slightly easier, I had experience here, 100% success (based on my one previous attempt) whoop and I would like to proudly announce its now 2 out of 2....whoop go me!

So now we are ready, I'm dressed, dogs are collared and we are on the move, hallway...check, I'm out the door and so are the dogs...check....but leads are crossed in the garden....first mistake is that we are all tied together and my legs are knotted in, I step out almost successful of remaining upright but Gracie is impatient to have been kept waiting and she nudged gate open just as I'm on one leg and... guessed it I went flat on my backside....oh dear!

The rest of the walk was far more successful, we managed stops at the roadside, walk ons when its clear and we even meet a friend of my aunts who can instantly recognise the mad dog lady with 3 cockers going in 3 different directions!

Once home and I was determined to improve my technique so I did my research and I have decided this is  my plan for tomorrow...

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

At least we started off together!

So having safely arrived the first thing my aunt did was call us and by us I mean me and the pooches, well really the pooches. She missed her babies and rightly so!

Cue facetime calling, a fantastic invention and much better than the haphazard connections of the puppies sat looking at the small screen where there mummy was and made all sorts of noises of love. Gracie, the eldest snuffled at her looking straight into the camera and then upon hearing her daddy would be home soon went to her usual spot on the sofa, by the window to wait patiently for his return. Now Gracie has slept on her daddy's pillow since he left and is pining for his cuddles. We have given her lots of love and treats, but daddy will always be no1. Darcey, the middle doggy was very always confused...but more so at hearing my aunts voice and not being able to see her which was very cute to say the least! Jarvis, the baby of the pack had absolutely no idea what was going on...not that i'm sure he ever does but enjoyed hearing his mummy all the same.

So back to the bed time antics...we have a super king sized bed in my aunts house and it has been taken over by ALL the animals. We have 2 cats and 3 dogs and 2 humans and what would seem like a rather large bed that looks cavenous when empty has now become a little cramped and I dread to think what positions we will be sleeping in when Gracie decides that she wants to come to sleep with us too!

So at the moment I have the left side and my husband has the right, we start off together but are gradually pushed to the farthest corners! Darcey is first in the bed burying herself between the two of us at pillow height in a straight line, gradually expanding into a curled ball...husband and I still managing to hold hands at this point!!

Meet Darcey...

Next comes Harry (Haribo or Bo usually)... he is my husbands cat through and through, will be consoled by no other despite the fact my husband uses him to 'mop' the floor when they play together. Now Harry is obviously much smaller than Darcey but the first night they vied for prime position next to my husband, permanently shifting who was closest, Darcey won by sheer size and so Harry joined the bed at last in peace just by our knees and so the chasm between my husband and I was created...fingers just managing to reach around the animals by this point in the night!!!

Meet Harry...

Jarvis Cocker next, lacking the grace and nimbleness of Darcey and Harry, he bounds on to the bed upsetting the peace for a few minutes before he snuggles into me...I finally have a favourite, he loves me, not the husband. I have my own hot water bottle. However he is restless and is on and off of the bed and switching between cuddles and the space between my feet. I've now rolled contact between the husband and I now!!

Meet Jarvis Cocker...

Last but not least onto the bed, my kitty cat...Philip (aka Philly or Philipott). Not scared of Jarvis trying to steal his mumma, he clambers on to the bed and takes pole position by my feet, the cat version of the best bit of the bed. Philly is a sleep walker and by that I mean he walks on sleeping people, up and down, up and down! Husband has now turned over too so the cat can't walk over on his front so we are both facing opposite walls...!!!

Meet Philip...

At least we started off together...

Now for Grace, clinging to her daddy's pillow she slept in the fort of pillows she has made. The oldest of all the animals, she has now gained her own double bed in the next room...I think she might be the cleverst of us all...

Meet Princess Grace...

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The adventure has begun!

This year has been a pretty exciting one for my husband and I, we have had his family over on their first trip to the UK from Zimbabwe and South Africa, we have been married (whoop!), made some wonderful new friends and I was head-hunted for a wonderful job in Mayfair. We have been doing pretty well on the couple front and seem to be slowly checking off our boxes of things we want to do in life. So far 2 out of 4 things that generally happen the year you get married have happened, we had toyed with the idea of moving but hadnt found the right place and also toyed with the idea of having babies, but decided 28 is a better number than 25 so decided to put that off for a little longer.

About 2 months ago my aunt and uncle approached me with a proposal... my uncle had been offered a job in LA! Wow! Now they needed someone to look after their house while they were away...of course I blathered on...I'm more than happy to spend evenings there I said and to watch over the place, but of course that isnt quite what they meant. Would we like to move in and look after there 3 dogs? pause...ahhh I see, penny has dropped. Of course that would mean giving up our all too small flat and moving into a lovely 2 bedroom house and gaining 3 more animals but the hubster and I were well and truly excited about the idea.

So cue us packing boxes, my aunt packing boxes, her passing me clothes that she wont be taking with her, me taking them to our flat to play in all my new wares (ignoring packing at this point) and then re-packing the items so they can go back to her house!

My husband works funny hours, so he stayed behind in our old flat for the first week and I lived with my aunt and uncle in their final week in the UK. I have to say I had so much fun, I adore my aunt, we grew up like sisters and she was my bridesmaid at my wedding. We are very close and it was so lovely to live with her, doing girly things like cleanses and peels, painting nails, blow drying hair. It was really lovely but they left on Tuesday...

So off they flew, Virgin First Class of course, my aunt would have no less! They landed safely and are now staying very close to the glamorous beaches of LA!